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Live Wedding Portraits

Live Wedding Painting.jpg

"My goal as a wedding painter
is to take the magic, love and
happiness of your wedding
and encapsulate it into a
portrait that serves as the
best memory of your day.

Whatever moment you
choose to capture, it would be
a privilege and an honour to
be part of your special day."

Acrylic painting of a bride and groom styled with flowers.
Acrylic painting of a bride & groom styled with flowers

Live Packages

All live packages are inclusive of 6-8 hours of live painting on the day.

Whatever size you choose, you can be sure that professional grade, quality acrylic paints
are used, which will stand the test of time.

Please note that framing is not included in the price but can be added for an additional cost.


12 x 16"

Canvas textured acrylic paper

Mounted, ready to frame

Up to 10 hours studio retouching



16 x 20"

Canvas textured acrylic paper

Mounted, ready to frame

Up to 15 hours studio retouching



20 x 24"

Professional quality,
stretched canvas

​Varnished and sealed

Up to 20 hours studio retouching



My Style

My painting style is that of a realistic nature and I pride myself in being able to capture a real likeness of my subjects. You can expect to be able to recognise yourself in your painting at the end of your wedding.


I specialise in intimate, couple-only portraits that capture the love and connection between you and your significant other.

My compositions are mostly cropped in to feature on the happy couple. I want to celebrate the love you have so I ensure it fills as much of the space as possible.

Over time, I have developed a style that includes a soft, fuzzy background, much like an out of focus photo, otherwise known as 'bokeh', with much of the detailing saved for the main portrait. This allows the beauty of your portrait to really stand out.

Stacey & Joe.jpg

What Happens On the Day?


​I arrive 1-2 hours before your ceremony to set up and liaise with your wedding planner
or co-ordinator.


I then return to my easel to begin sketching and painting your portrait. Your guests are welcome to interact throughout the whole process.


Working alongside your photographer and videographer, I take my own reference photos to paint from.


At the end of the evening, your painting will look mostly complete and I
will invite you to view
it together, before I leave.

Live Wedding Painting.jpg


Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for enquiring!

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