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Hello, I’m Kirsty, a primary school teacher turned live wedding artist, based in Buckinghamshire.


I have been interested in Art my whole life, and started pursuing it at an early age. When it came to university choices, I actually opted for a degree in Commercial Photography (which is coming in very handy now!).


In a sudden change of direction, I then trained as a primary school teacher and had a decade long career across several schools in Buckinghamshire.

Photo of Kirsty Cheshire, owner of The Live Wedding Painter

Meet the Artist

Photograph of bride and groom smiling as they walk down a confetti aisle.
Acrylic painting of a bride & groom smiling as they walking through confetti aisle.
Photograph of a bride and groom laughing as they walk through a confetti aisle
Acrylic painting of a bride and groom laughing as they walk through confetti aisle.

It wasn’t until October 2021, when I attended two weddings in the same week - one of my best friend, and the other my brother-in-law - that the art spark returned!


Luckily, my photographic intuition had hung around all those years as I managed to capture two beautiful images from both confetti throws.

Following the weddings, I had the crazy idea that I would paint these two images as gifts for Christmas. Crazy because this came to me mid November, so I had my work cut out. Fast forward to Christmas, and I was so proud and honoured to gift my creations to the happy couples.

It wasn’t until 2022 that I started seeing other artists on TikTok painting weddings, but doing it live! And I immediately thought, I want in on this! So in 2023, after many months of thinking, painting, talking and more thinking, The Live Wedding Painter was born.

Where Did It Start?

Beyond the Studio

I live in Buckinghamshire with my other half, Adam and our adorably fluffy cat, Bazzy. If you're as obsessed with cats as I am, we'll get along just fine!

Outside of my studio, I enjoy staying active and keeping fit and can be found at various Parkrun locations on a Saturday morning as well as tearing up the netball courts during the week.

Being quite competitive, I have a real passion for board games and love discovering new ones to play. I'm also a huge fan of escape rooms!

And I'll say no to watching a 2 hour film because it's too long, but then happily sit there through 3 hours back-to-back episodes of a Netflix series.

The Live Wedding Painter
A black cat called Bazzy
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